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Now you can set up your own visit itinerary and share it with your friends.

You need to do this: when viewing a work, you will find the button within the options area. By clicking on it, that work will be included in your tour. If you are viewing a work you have already added, the button shows up. You can check your tour whenever you want by selecting the menu Gallery >> My Tour. On this page, you will be able to remove works from your tour, store it in a cookie within your browser for using it in the future, store it within your Favorites (or "Bookmarks" in some browsers) or send it to a friend.


How to change the site's layout:

Besides the standard design, you can choose other forms of site visualization. You can choose among the following options. I'll add others in the future.


The whole site - except for some texts - is now available in Spanish and English. You may view any page in those languages by clicking on the desired language icon.


In order to keep your language and layout choices in future visits, cookies must be enabled in your browser. If not, browsing is possible, but your choices will be lost.


An excellent choice for viewing this site is by using the full screen option, which is activated/deactivated by clicking F11 in most popular browsers.


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